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We introduced Frutelli in 2000 and it quickly became a staple in the Ghanaian home.


Since then our juices can be found in 10 countries including Togo, Cote D'Ivore, Nigeria and Burkina Faso.


Our premium range of fruit juices come in 5 different flavors in an easy to open resealable 1 litre family pack.


Frutelli is especially popular at family gatherings, and celebrations. It is also customary to welcome guests with a cold refreshing glass of Frutelli.


Today, Frutelli is the leading juice brand manufactured for local consumption and international export.


In the next 5 years we will be the first Ghana Multinational juice makers to cover all of West and Central Africa.


We have a production capacity of 250,000 liters per day.


Frutelli is fully compliant and certified by the Ghana Food and Drug Board's Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

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