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What does pasteurization do?


Pasteurization is a process of controlled heat treatment that inactivates the naturally occurring enzymes and bacteria, which would otherwise contribute to the rapid deterioration of the juice.


Below are answers to some of the questions we get asked all the time. 

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Does pasteurization destroy the vitamins and nutrients?


Pasteurization protects the quality and taste of the juice. It does not destroy the vitamins & nutrients in the juice.


Are all your juices pasteurized?


All our products undergo processes that eliminate harmful microorganisms. All juice products from Aquafresh are pasteurized by the standard procedure in state-of-the-art machinery during the filling process.


What is the shelf life of Frutelli?


Our products have a 'best before date' rather than a production date on them. The 'best before date' is imprinted on the top right side of each pack.

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